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  • Wetland

    A poorly drained or periodically flooded area where the soil is saturated with water, and vegetation is supported.
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  • Man-Made Object

    An artificial object which lies inside a body of water and has one of the following types of function: - Retains the water - Regulates the quantity of water - Alters...
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  • Catchments

    RiverBasin: The area of land from which all surface run-off flows through a sequence of streams, rivers and, possibly, lakes into the sea at a single river mouth, estuary or...
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  • Land Water Boundary

    The line where a land mass is in contact with a body of water.
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  • Hydro Point Of Interest

    A natural place where water appears, disappears or changes its flow.
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  • Waterbodies

    A body of water that is entirely surrounded by land.
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  • Shore

    The narrow strip of land in immediate contact with any body of water including the area between high and low water lines.
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